Own the relationship with your customers using voice technology

1,000,000+ guests served with

1,000,000+ guests served with

Customers want to order from you but can’t, therefore ordering from aggregators.
Unbearable hold times, low quality of audio, lack of sincerity make it difficult to order today. This is what kea solves using technology + humans working together.
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“kea is offering technology that should help restaurants handle more orders over the phone, creating a “virtual cashier” who can do the initial intake with customers, process most routine orders and bring in a human employee when needed.”

“Since the pandemic hit, kea has seen a surge in interest in its technology. The company’s indecisive AI platform is now deployed at 250 restaurants operated by seven brands, more than doubling its presence.”

“kea’s platform can learn a restaurant’s menu as well as take orders, answer questions, and even upsell items.” (Jennifer Marston, 11/22)

“kea's human phone operators can take over calls in case the AI system can't accommodate a customer's needs, or if the customer simply prefers to speak with a person instead of an AI system. It takes the system only about two weeks to learn all of a company's menu items and inventory, and kea allows diners to customize their orders.”

“kea’s desire to provide AI products to restaurants comes as more and more dining establishments struggle to answer their phone lines, mostly due to being understaffed”

“Food tech startup kea wants to give fast food phone ordering a long-overdue overhaul with its AI-powered voice assistants. And at least Domino's Pizza is taking notice. After initial testing, dozens of Domino's franchise locations are lining up for kea's chatbots.”​

The kea difference

Compatible with most
POS and Online Ordering systems

Seamlessly integrate kea with your existing platforms.