Franchise-ready Voice AI.

Streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and boost restaurant revenue.

Smooth operator

With our voice AI and live customer service representative, we instantly answer calls, upsell using order history, and ensure that the order process goes smoothly.

Thanks for calling East Village Pizza. How can I help you today?

Determining caller intent...

Triage AI

Determine caller intent
ie. restaurant hours, place an order to-go, contact manager, spam filtering, etc.

Determining caller intent...

What can I get for you today?


I’d like to place an order for an 18” Margherita Pizza, and a Grilled Chicken Sandwich. 

Yes. Your order includes: 1x 18” Margherita Pizza, 1x Grilled Chicken Sandwich.


Would you like to add breadsticks or a side salad with that?


Yes, that would be great.
Can I please speak to someone?

Connecting to kea customer service representative...

Customer service representative will be assisting on error handling when needed

kea customer service representative

Hello, I’m Emma. I see you’ve ordered 1x 18” Margherita Pizza, 1x Grilled Chicken Sandwich.


How can I assist you with your order today?


Hi, can you make sure I get the gluten-free
crust and bun?

kea customer service representative

Got it. I have your pizza with gluten-free crust and a gluten-free bun on your sandwich.


Is there anything else I can assist you with?


No, that’s it.

kea customer service representative

And just to confirm, would you like to pay now or upon pick up?


I’ll pay now.

kea customer service representative

Great! The AI will confirm and place your order. Please stay on the line, thanks!

Your order will be a total of $18.55.

Payment received and submitted order to the restaurant

Payment AI

Payment details and submit order. Customers also have the option to pay upon arrival of orders.

Payment received and submitted order to the restaurant

Payment AI

Payment details and submit order. Customers also have the option to pay upon arrival of orders.

1x    18” Margherita Pizza

1x    Grilled Chicken Sandwich
        with the gluten-free crust                   and bun


1x         18” Margherita

1x       Grilled Chicken
             Sandwich with
             the gluten-free
             crust and bun.


Free up your staff to focus on guests dining in.

Machine Learning

Our natural language processing won’t suggest adding relish to your milkshake. Our AI learns your entire menu, possible customizations and combinations. We dynamically adapt to your constantly changing menu and improve as more people call in.

Some people aren’t used to speaking to an AI, so upon request, one of kea’s live customer service representatives will jump in to help – and the guest doesn’t have to repeat themselves. If the call gets disconnected, then the live representative will call the guest back to complete the order.

For any returning guest, we’ll remember their name and order to build rapport. We offer to place the same order again, so they can be on their way in 30 seconds or less. 

Our payment system is PCI compliant, which means your guests’ credit card information is protected to the highest industry standards.

When guests opt for delivery over in-store pickup, our AI promptly dispatches the order to Olo, which in turn notifies DoorDash, Uber, Postmates, or Favor to complete the delivery.

No cashier upsells 100% of the time, except ours. We always offer intelligent recommendations, which significantly increase average ticket size.

Tech Specs

  • Token-based authentication
  • Vault infrastructure for secret storage
  • Cloudfare-enabled DDoS protection
  • System-wide audit logging
  • Code and runtime vulnerability management
  • Encryption of sensitive data at rest
  • Cloud-hosted on the latest container technology
  • 24/7 operations team monitoring uptime
  • Datadog-enabled cloud events and logging
  • Service auto-scaling to peak demand
  • Twilio for telephony scaling


Our voice AI seamlessly integrates with Olo’s ordering solutions. It automatically sends phone orders to the restaurant’s Olo e-commerce platform.

We are the only Gold partner that leverages AI and human operators to digitize the phone channel and improve hospitality in the process.

Setup in a snap

Easily integrate our secure, reliable, and scalable solution with Olo.